Abraham Who is He?

Abraham, Who is he?

Abraham was the first man chosen by God for a role in the plan of redemption. Abraham was the first Jew, the founder of Judaism, and the physical and spiritual ancestor of the Jewish people. Abraham plays a prominent role in Christianity and Islam, the other two major Abrahamic religions. Abrahamic religions trace their origins back to Abraham. Abraham plays an essential role in the Christian faith. He is one of the most influential figures in the Bible apart from Jesus. Through his lineage, the world's Savior comes (Matthew 1; Luke 3). No one can understand the Old Testament without understanding Abraham, for the story of redemption begins with God’s call to this patriarch in many ways. The story of Abraham contains the first mention in the Bible of God’s righteousness assigned to man as the sole means of salvation (Genesis 15:6). It was Abraham whom God chose to be the father of many nations simply because it was His will. God knew that Abraham would struggle with the call set before him, but He also knew that his struggle would produce significant growth and faith.